SINISTRA DEXTRA is annual event from AMSA-USAKTI was held in R506 Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University from 2nd-3rd October 2017. The theme for the event is “Maternal and Neonatal Health”,¬†following EAMSC 2018 Nepal theme.

This event was split into two days, the first day was SINISTRA (Spirit in Training of Academic) and the second day was DEXTRA (Design x Cinematography).

On the 2nd October, we had SINISTRA with the conceptual idea of it being a seminar that aimed to train and sharpen the skills of the participants, preparing them for competitions in the future. This year we learned how to make a good scientific paper and scientific poster with a great speaker from AMSA-Indonesia member.

The next day on 3rd October, we continued with DEXTRA, a seminar and workshop about design which separated into two parts on the same day, the first part was Photography and the second part was Poster Design. For this event, we proudly presented a photographer and a master degree of design. The participants allowed to bring their own laptop to practice.

We were given lectures on basic photography using a DSLR camera and the composition of an appealing public poster with a photoshop program. In a workshop session, the participants could make their own poster and three winners would have been selected.

It has been a successful two consecutive working days for the AMSA-USAKTI members, for that we would like to thank all of the participants and we sincerely look forward to the next SINISTRA x DEXTRA!

Here are some snapshots from those two events, check it out

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